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Hasake Co., Ltd. has variety of products and services ranging from Playground Equipments, flooring, infrastructure, etc. we provide top notch products high in quality as well as design. The added flagship feature of our brand is that we supply eco-friendly non toxic equipments with long durability and sustenance. If you are planning to construct any form of activity centre be it outdoor, indoor or water parks, Hasake Co., Ltd is your saviour. We are committed towards offering customer centric services.

Green Play - Complete Playground Equipment Solution

Green Play aims to serve eco-friendly products to keep environment safe and healthy. We understand nature is the gift to humanity. We think it’s important to protect our surroundings and to respectfully
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Green Floor - Floorings for the Best Step Forward

Every step you take, every move you make is impacted by where you walk. Green Floor is manufactured purely to deliver nature friendly results along with providing safe blanket to the floors. Green Floor is
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Green Fit - Keeping the Wealth of Health Fit

To build strong and durable eco-friendly range of products, manufacturers need equally good amount of suitable materials, without which even best of ideas seem impossible. Thus, Green Fit
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Green Worx - Making Better Cities for Better Lifestyle

Green Worx products are manufactured efficiently to sustain ecological beauties. Power and energy are one of the most essential elements and we believe it should be well preserved. Our main aim is to go
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Green Play Water Park - Splash the Heat Away with Green Play

Everybody loves a cool splash in the hot summers but your bathroom is not as much fun as the exciting and attractive water parks. Hasake Co., Ltd is an all-rounder when it come s to providing ingredients of
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Green Sport Floor - A Courtship with Court

The special Green Sports Floor by Green Floor is your definitive solution for flooring sport grounds, tracks and courts. Games like football, tennis, badminton, squash, wrestling and athletics require
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