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Funtastic Series
Children grow faster at the early age and if kids get right guidance about the benefits of regular exercise, it will immensely help kids to develop their physical and mental strength. Telling kids is one thing and making them actually follow the advice is other. It is very likely that kids will pick up those habits faster and adapt once they explore an outdoor experience with ranges of Funtastic Series from Green Play.

These fun playground equipments are to increase the flexibility of kids and to make them stronger. Inverted Seesaw has flexible spring in between which adds thrilling experience. Arch Swing gives an angle which allows kids to move smoothly in the air while swinging. It defeats the fear of heights and of moving rides. This ride is one of the most loved Outdoor playground equipment amongst kids.

Punching Ball and bag are useful playground equipment; it increases the concentration and help kids to get stronger bones. Disc Spinner is adventurous equipment for kids as it teaches kids how to balance on round disk and the only challenge is to stand still without falling.

Pole Spinner is for kids to hold the strong pole and spin around for warm ups; many kids loves watching at the skies while playing with this playground equipment. Bucket Spinners are equipments which are manufactured for kids to sit and spin around in a bucket like seat.

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