Green Floor

As title explains, certain constructions are built to maintain a healthy balance with nature and hence are developed in eco-friendliness. This is whereGP Site EPDM becomes beneficial. It can be utilized for multiple purposes like agricultural, industrial, water lines and other various kinds of Constructions. Reinforcements are provided with strong bonding.

In GP Site EPDM, diene is used for cross-linking and this adds durable quality in the final outcome of the products. Green Site EPDM is also largely utilized to provide supports general equipments such as suction etc. For specific requirements users can always reach us and we will take it from thereon.

@ Site EPDM Cast In situ Flooring Land Safe Run Safe Sports Safe
Application Playground Jogging Track Multipurpose Court
Top Layer Material EPDM EPDM EPDM
Granule Size 1-4mm 1-4mm 1-4mm
Surface Thickness 5mm 10mm 8mm
Binder Composition (% against Material) 16% 18% 20%
Base Material SBR SBR N/A
Granule Size 1-4mm 1-4mm N/A
Surface Thickness 20mm 20mm N/A
Binder Composition (% against Material) 12% 14% N/A
Tensite Strength 2.8Mpa
Elongation at Break 600%
Hardness 65 Shore
Specific Gravity (Density g/cm2) 1.57

Colour Option :

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