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Kidzone Series
Child capacities in Kidzone Series are simply impeccable. It is manufactured after various researches and tests. Minimum playing areas for equipments are suggested in a suitable way, where children do not feel congested while playing. Features of lengths and widths of playground equipments are manufactured with an extra care to provide safety to kids.

Equipments are designed in two different sections as per the age of children i.e. between 2–6 years and from 6–12 years. This provides kids the uniformity at the playground as certain playground equipments are not suitable for all age groups; hence the division of age category in Kidzone Series helps in proper usage of equipments.

Play structures manufactured in JP Series are durable and safe for kids. Usually playground equipments do not have tags on them about how many children can play at particular given time. In kidzone series we have a feature that says ‘child capacity’ mentioning the number of kids playing together without harming each other or the equipment.

GPJP Kidz Zone 0203B
GPJP Kidz Zone 0008A
GPJP Kidz Zone 0104A
GPJP Kidz Zone 0103A
GPJP Kidz Zone 0203A
GPJP Kidz Zone 0304A
GPJP 07051C
GPJP Kidz Zone 0304A
GPJP Kidz Zone 0012B
GPJP Kidz 0103A(2)
GPJP (H) 020207 B/1
GPJP 010116
GPJP 010123A
GPJP 010011A
GPJP 020050A
GPJP 020001 A/1
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