Green Floor
Flooring has changed from the past many years, however basic requirement remains intact. We at Green Floor aim to manufacture products and services that are eco-friendly. GP Soft Tiles help to reduce global warming.

GP Soft Tiles are Pre-pressed SBR rubber tiles, comes in a variety of shapes, thickness and colours. They are manufactured in conformance to EN 1177. It is economical and easy to install.

Green Soft Tiles application includes children playground equipment - (complete area or landing area only) Rubberized which are suitable for walkways can cope with spiked and studded shoes, and for outdoor play areas.

In short Hasake believes, “with a little imagination, wonderful patterns can be created economically!�?

Model Square 25 Square 50 Hexagon 15 Hexagon 25 Interlock 20
Dimension (in mm) 500 x 500 500 x 500 500x 600 500x 600 200 x 250
Thickness (in mm) 25 50 15 25 20
Coverage (pcs/m2) 4 4 4.6 4.6 24
Weight (kg/pcs) 5 7.6 3.4 4.7 0.9
Material SRB (Styrene Butadiene Ruber)
Top Layer SRB,7mm-8mm thickness, 8-19mess
Bonding Agent MDI Based Binder
Skid Resistance (BS7 188:1989) Dry 80 at both 0& 190, Wet 55 at 0 and 55 at 180
Elangation at Break (DIN5357:1989) 0.98MPa, 10kps/cm2
Rebound Resilience 57%
Impact Attenuation (ASTM) HIC (<1000 Peak G or g0max (<200)

Colour Option :

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