Green Fit
Keeping the Wealth of Health Fit - GPH Fit
This is one of the finest range equipments of Green Fit; it provides magical results in multiple ways. Round outdoor equipment to climb give the thrill of climbing on the different angels. Straight vertical poles to climb and stretch. U shaped ladder encourages users to get rid of fear of heights and make kids confident.

Zigzag pattern of equipments are one of the most challenging because it tests a person’s balancing abilities and provides adventurous excitement. Other equipments are hanging handles from the polls, where one has to hold onto one of the handle hanging on the rod, to strengthen overall body.

Mostly these ‘H Fit’ equipments are utilized for training practices by various institutions such as military, schools, colleges, sport centres. Bright and colourful benches to relax, looks really inviting. Attractive metallic colours give refreshing look and spreads fun vibes all around the place.

GPGF 04009
GPGF 03813
GPGF 04010
GPGF 04014
GPGF 04101
GPGWH11 13203
GPH 12001 M11-03705
GPH 12002 M11-03707
GPH 12004 M11-04012
GPH 12102 M11-03704
GPH 12106 M11-03706
GPH 12201 M11-03805
GPH 12203 M11-03803
GPH 12301 M11-03808
GPH 12302 M11-03715
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