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Keeping the Wealth of Health Fit - GPJP Fit
JP Fit includes vast ranges such as Achilles stretch and Stretch Pole to gain flexibility, Arm Stretch for power and strength, Back Stretch equipments for back-relief, Leg Stretch for to strengthen hamstring muscles, and Horizontal Ladder to jump, climb and cross the stretch to get strong grip and shape body.

JP Fit has equipments to cater service for your various body parts. E.g. ‘Push UP’ equipment to build strong chest, ‘Jump Reach’ to make your arms strong and for better body posture, ‘Chin Up’ for height growth as pull ups allows body to stretch, expands muscles and bones. Hip Twist is widely used, to burn fats from side of the waist. Virtual Stepper is mostly used by acrobats and sports personalities, however it can also be utilized for other purposes i.e. to lose weight, improve blood circulation etc.

Sky Walker and Sky Run are used for cardiovascular and in most cases by athletics. Air Bike is one of the most used equipments by runners and cyclists, weight loss aspirants, models, film celebrities & many others. Air Bike relives from back pain and helps to shape hips. With the help of ‘Arm Spin’ equipment you can develop strong wrist, arms and hand. Bicep Curl understandably offers quality that helps to have big biceps and a wonderful personality overall. Green Fit’s equipment such as GPJF Arm Raise, JP Hand Cycle, and Waist Twist allows you to get rid of stiff body. Along with equipments readable and noticeable signage are an essential hence you can acquire GPJF Dynamics, JPGF Pro Signage and Central Signage.

Stretch Pole
Achilles Stretch
Arm Stretch
Back Stretch
Leg Stretch
Horizontal Ladder
Push Up
Jump Reach
Chin Up
Hip Twist
Virtual Stepper
Sky Walkar
Air Bike
Arm Spin
GPJF Pro Signage
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