Green Play
Funtastic Fun Rides
This series has large size equipments with the capacity of roughly 10–25 kids. It can easily accommodate good amount of kids at a time. These range demands spacious places for installations i.e. 12m length and 13.2m width. These measures entirely depend on the designs of playground equipments. Funtastic Fun Rides has wonderful combinations.

Certain design has more than one ladder for kids to climb, this advantage allows several kids to enjoy simultaneously and it reduces the wait for your little loved ones. The age group between 6-15 years can have absolutely amazing time here.

Funtastic Fun Rides are manufactured considering the growth of various kids. Recommended are as large as equipments are aimed to serve large number of kids. Colours such as dark green and red gives strong happy vibes and attract kids.

GPJP Funtastic 0201 A/1
GPJP Funtastic 0004 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0003 A/1
GPJP Funtastic 0002 A/1
GPJP Funtastic 0205 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0106 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0104 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0509 E/1
GPJP Funtastic 0303 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 140601D
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