Green Play
Classic Series
Products from Classic Series are suitable for the kids between 6–12 years. The minimum recommended area differs from various lengths and widths. Equipments are customized to keep children’s playground experience enjoyable. Play structure sizes are designed in a spacious way to maintain smooth playground atmosphere for kids.

JP Series ‘Classics’ helps children to gain self confidence and it allows them to explore fun from life, as kids utilize the qualities of our magnificent range of equipments. It gives immense reliabilities to the parents, when they see their loved ones smiling and enjoying at the playground.

With eye-catching shapes ‘Classic Series’ exhibits heartfelt understanding about your lovely little kids. Some of the shapes are designed with attractive leaves hanging around the slides and various shapes of castles, certainly make kids feel like little warriors at the playground.

GPJP 020236A
GPJP 040048B
GPJP 020314A
GPJP 030123B
GPJP 010101A
GPJP 060303B
GPJP 070501C
GPJP 031701C
GPJP 080101C
GPJP 0803
GPJP Gaden-0201 A
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